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Four legged & furry babies are the best kind

We had our sweet girl, Molly, for 17 years. She was a cute, little bichon frise who basically ran our family of six. ...

Life can be hard sometimes, that's why I'm happy to have you

When I'm feeling stressed, sometimes I flick on The Essential James Taylor. I don't know if it's just his smooth, sul...

What On Earth Would I Do Without You?

Everyone has someone who has helped shape their life, whether they put them on this earth or not. It could be the aun...

It Was So Nice To See You

In January, Alex's parents came to visit. We rented a car and travelled along the British countryside seeing Windsor ...

First up in the 2018 Card Challenge

When 2018 hit, I was feeling a little uninspired with BLS. I knew I needed to regroup so I decided to take a break fr...
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