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The most beautiful bride I have ever seen

I had the great honour of being Maid of Honour at my sister's wedding in July. Instead of writing another long-winded ode to her and how much I loved being a part of her day, I'm posting part of my MOH speech because well, thats its exact purpose. I even uncharacteristically wrote very little in her wedding card because I wanted to save all my best material for it.  
I wrote the entire thing on a flight a couple months prior and didn't look at it again until the night before. I knew exactly what I wanted say and was feeling weirdly inspired after watching Mindy Kaling's commencement address to Dartmouth College. I'm sure this surprises no one.


Growing up, I felt everything Jessica felt. It's what I imagine twins feel but we are 15 month a part, look nothing alike and it's just me who feels this way. 

When she got in trouble, I got upset too. When she was sick, I felt under the weather. When she didn't want to do something, I didn't want to do it either. I thought this would wear off as I got older but my 6th Jessica sense was as real as ever. 

To this day, when she's stressed, I feel it. When she cries, I tear up. When she's been heart broken, my heart ached. But what makes this all worth it, is when she's happy. I get to feel it first hand and let me tell you, it's the best. 

I get that connection isn't automatic, sometimes it's just biological. But when you get dealt Jessica Shannon as your sister - I'm sure you can all understand why I was borderline obsessed with her from a young age. 

No matter what, Jessica sees the best in people and loves them through their faults, mistakes, slip-ups and bad days. It doesn't matter what I do or say, she's there and loves me anyway. I get to do this life with her no matter what, which is really convenient for me because I'm not always the angel of a sister who is standing before you today. 


In addition to my MOH duties, it was very much a #betterleftsaid wedding (surprise!). Here's some of creative showcased in photos by Chantal Routier, who did an amazing job with ALL the photography. You can check her out at Chantal Routhier Photography.

Other amazing local vendors I got to work with: 
Elegant Productions
Twig & Twine Floristry
Arrow & Knot Productions
MacFarlands Events
Tidal Hair Lounge (my girl Cara MacInnis!)
Selena Marchand Makeup Artistry
Halifax Harvest Tables


I'm still in denial it's all over but writing this helped. Buy this card for the most beautiful bride in your life here or email me @ if you have any wedding projects you need help with! 

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