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What happened neXt; a St.FX grad story

I graduated over five years ago. It seems like a long time now but I’m proud of all the things that have happened so far and I owe my university experience from St.FX a lot of credit. I have a business degree (major in marketing) and a lot of life experience from X that I continuously draw on. Not only were they four of some of my best years to date, they were vital in what I like to call my ‘success’ so far.

A few important things (of many) I learned from my time at St.FX & how I applied them in real life:

How to write a business plan. Over three years ago I wrote a business plan, presented it to my parents and told them I was going to quit my job to pursue my small business full time. They were scared, and pretty sure I’d come crawling to them for rent money in no time, but I’m happy to say they are proud of me that I took the leap and so am I. Since that day, my small business is always the best adventure I'm on. 

Team building. I lived in a house of seven girls (shout out to 4 Highland!). Five years later, each one of them is still a part of my life in the best friend category. Every job interview I’ve been in since, I use this as an example of how well I work in teams. They are always extremely impressed by this particular ability.

Marketing communications is my thing. My favourite course at St.FX was marketing communications. This course has directed a lot of steps in my professional life so far. Those ten minutes of Denton Anthony’s marketing communications class, where we went over the meaning of ads and what they were trying to communicate, were some of my favourite moments at X. I took an advanced diploma in public relations after my degree to continue my interest in communications; I worked at an ad agency from the day I graduated as an account manager and a brand strategist; and I created Better Left Said, a business based on communicating creatively. So, ya, safe to say that course made quite the impact.

That’s just a small snippet of the things I learned at St.FX. Feel free to email me to continue listing off learnings. Seriously, my email is Although I’m a notoriously bad decision maker and tend to second guess myself (even when deciding what type of cereal to buy at the grocery store) to this day, going to St.FX was the easiest and one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Even years later, I never second guess it even for a moment.

My 4 Highland teammates

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