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What On Earth Would I Do Without You?

Everyone has someone who has helped shape their life, whether they put them on this earth or not. It could be the aunt that raised you, the sister that was always there or a friend that was like family. If another person cares for you in a nurturing way, they are maternal. I know this to be true, because it is the first definition that popped up on Google.

In efforts to maintain my card challenge -making cards for someone specific in my life every week - I made this card for my mom. But because of mom-ish copy, I just wanted to take some time to recognize all maternal influences. Thank you to the ladies who have raised the amazing people I know and love in my life, they would lesser people without you. 

I most definitely would be a lesser person if I wasn't the product of my mom. I feel very lucky that she has always been a strong and steady influence in my life. For a long time, mostly when I was a shit-head teenager, I didn't realize how much she quietly guided me. It is only now that I'm an adult (or what is an attempt at an adulthood most days) do I realize she is there even when she isn't.  

Photo by @vickijeha at home in St. Margaret's Bay

Photo by @mophung at one of our Lettering Socials 

A photo my brother took of a BLS print I gave her that hangs at our house.  

So this week's card goes to my mom. She actually picked it up from the printer a couple weeks ago and texted me "I'm guessing this is my mother's day card?" which is another example how great she is because she helps me keep BLS on track, sacrificing any sweet surprise of a custom card made in her name. 

So thank you to her and all the other people who have raised us. Happy Maternal Influence Day!

 This card can be given anytime, not just on Mother's Day. Add it to your bag and appreciate your mom anytime. 📢


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