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It Was So Nice To See You

Living away from home has brought a whole new perspective on sending mail. I've really had to step up my card game. 

In January, Alex's parents came to London. Let me clarify I had *just* started my card challenge around the time of their visit (we had previous visitors - like my entire family - who did not receive a card 😬). We rented a car and travelled along the British countryside to check out Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge. It was a really great trip.

After they left I wanted to make sure they knew how much fun we had and that we appreciated them wining and dining us for the weekend. Of course, I thought it best to follow up with a card, which is the reason the It Was So Nice To See You Card was made. 

Since I send out a lot of cards, I get a lot of 'reaction texts'. They are my favourite type of texts to receive (you can always count on the fact that people are syked to get mail). The reaction text from Alex's dad takes the cake for best I've received so far, which I've posted below for your reading pleasure.

If you're ever in London, look me up. The shitty air mattress in our tiny flat is prone to deflating but I can promise friendship and mediocre tour guide-ing. 🌞

📢 Buy this card for someone who just took some time to visit or that you just bumped into recently. They'll appreciate it and send you awesome 'reaction texts'.

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