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Such bad FOMO right now

It seems like 2017 was a bleak year in comparison to that of 2018. I don't know if everything that could happen has decided to happen in 2018, or the fact that I live away from home amplifies my FOMO (definition for the non-millennials: fear-of-missing-out). I'm guessing it's the latter but for dramatic effect, we'll go with the first. 

Every other day I'm getting a phone call with news with this I'm missing or will eventually miss like engagements, family reunions, puppy passings, new puppies, new houses, weddings, and the list go on. What I'd really like is to be there in person but until I can clone myself and be two places at once (which is probably not too far off 😟) all I can do to ease the pain is send a card in my absence. 

Take for example last weekend. It was my sister's wedding shower - something I never thought I would miss. Yet, I was laying on my bed, hovering between life and death after a 10K race and the excitement of the royal wedding, FaceTiming the party. My face was permanently stuck in the 😫 emoji as my mom spun the phone around the room, putting the screen awkwardly close to guest's faces, as moms do.
FOMO (My mom + Jess)MORE FOMO (bridesmaid Bre + Jess)

I found solace in my impeccable timing. Jessica was opening my gift at the same time as I called. The words on the card couldn't be more true as she pulled out the Kate Spade Wedding Collection Keds my mom and I got her. She gasped at the beauty of the sparkly-polka-dot-wedding-dancing-shoes that were basically made for her and I was thankful at that moment that technology allowed me to witness *almost* first hand, her reaction. 

The experiences of living in a new place balances out my home-FOMO. It's a tradeoff I can usually stomach. Missing my sister's wedding shower was just particularly hard but it got me that more excited to get home in July to see my friends, family and be MOH at her wedding. And until then, at least I have this card to send whenever FOMO sets in. 💌

When you have bad FOMO and can't make it somewhere important, send this card in your absence. Add it to your bag here


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  • I liked the FOMO story, even though I am a guy, in fact an old guy at that. But in THIS case, I think what started as FOMO was strategically addressed by you through FaceTime (could have used Skype or others.) You were ‘virtually’ right there, at the right moment (Sam luck), connected with Mum, sis, and guests and the ‘fear’ part was dealt with. No longer missing out! Sure you missed a little chit-chat, but full marks on the highly focused bridal shower!

    In fact I’ll bet that in many other cases of FOMO, once briefly connected virtually, from the comfort of your uber cool London flat or on the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower (weren’t you in Paris this weekend??!!!!), you might quickly experience ‘HOMO’ – happiness of missing out (or the related JOMO – joy of missing out) when it turns out the gathering you are pining for sucks.

    The card is a critical piece of this delicate social dance. Thank you for your cultural sensitivity.

    John Ross

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