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So Glad We Got the Chance to Work Together

Over the last years, in addition to Better Left Said, I've gotten up to some pretty interesting, and as per usual, random professional adventures.

Before I moved to London, almost a year ago exactly, I was running BLS, doing custom stuff, holding lettering socials but also working as a strategist at Cossette and a digital content writer at CBU. It was a scatter-brained juggling act but that’s the way of working I've grown accustomed to love.

So after making the move to London, I didn't know what I’d do but as always, I decided to take opportunities as they come. Long story short, I got a job as a consultant at a tiny branding agency three weeks after I landed but for a medley of reasons, I soon discovered it wasn't for me.

Simultaneous to this realization, I enrolled in a Data Analytics course at General Assembly in London. I can’t really pinpoint why I decided to take this course, but I was working on an AI client and figured since it was the language of the future, why not? Soon after, it got to the point where my unhappiness outweighed my happiness during the hours of 9- 5 (or 5:30 in The UK🙄), and I decided to do what I do best: make rash, drastic changes in my professional life and then go from there.

At times where I make these changes, a small dash of serendipity always makes its way into the mix. I sent a rogue message to Julia Rivard-Dexter, a past Speak & Share speaker and all around interesting person. As far as perfect timing goes, it couldn’t of been more. She was looking for a Data Analyst and after a few tests and talking to teammates, I got the job. Let me tell you folks, the whole ‘build you network’ thing they harp in business school is actually extremely useful.

Two weeks later, a message popped into my inbox asking if I’d be interested in being a teaching assistant for the course I just finished. I laughed. In so many ways I was in over my head but someone told me early on in my career 'Fake it til you make it' and I've been doing just that, in the fullest sense, ever since.

The point of this post is two fold:

1. To be transparent about the fact it’s never just me and BLS. It’s me and BLS + whatever else I've gotten my hands on to grow my experience and knowledge (and pay my bills, of course).

2. This year I've met so many amazing people through these opportunities and I just wanted to take some time to appreciate them.

At Squiggle Park, I worked with Julia, Sam and Neesha. Three very smart people I learned an incredible amount from. I just finished my remote contract with them and as far as learning experiences go, I’m unsure if I could’ve soaked as much out of any other opportunity in such a short time. It was also interesting working directly with Neesha every day with her in B.C. and me in London but like all good things, you just make it work.

At General Assembly, I’ve worked along side Sam (a lot of Sams btw) and Tash. Sam was my previous Instructor, she's the best. Tash is the other TA, and you guessed it, also the best. Working with them every Tuesday & Thursday night for 10 weeks was nothing short of fun, which I know most would not attribute to the subject of data analytics but I guess they have that power. I also got the chance to work with Joanna on a 1-week intensive course, which was a whirlwind. But I got to learn so much from her and I can’t wait to do it again in November.

Tash & Sam 

So as I'm back on the job hunt, which can be ultimately deflating, reflecting back on my last year reminds me of the incredible chance to meet people who impact your personal knowledge bank when you take advantage of new opportunities. Even the ones you feel like you're highly unqualified for, there will be good, *patient* people there to help you along.

Get this card for someone who you're glad you had the chance to work with. 

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