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Life can be hard sometimes, that's why I'm happy to have you

When I'm feeling stressed, sometimes I flick on The Essential James Taylor. I don't know if it's just his smooth, sultry voice or the fact my mom used to play him all the time growing up but James Taylor provides a sense of comfort that I just can't deny.

I was listening to James Taylor the other day when How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You came on. He sang 'I need someone to understands my ups and downs, there you were', and I thought there was no better way to sum up this card.


This card wasn't created by way of a tragedy. It was not made to highlight my hardships because they are very few and far between. It was made because no matter how lucky we are at life, everyone has ups and downs and I wanted to thank my BF for his incredible patience through mine. 

I'm not one to harbour my emotions, which would be a good skill when there's no walls in our tiny flat to seek shelter from the intermittent storm of mood swings, hormones and trivial problems. Luckily, he has mastered the ratio of being comforting and calling me out for irrational behaviour, which lets be honest, everyone needs sometimes.

As my parents say (a rather offensive amount), he deserves an award. Unfortunately, so far all he's gotten is this card for Valentines Day.  

Some photos of me forcing selfies on him, and him to me - relationships are all about balance.

No matter the reason, sad or trivial, it's always good to let the owner of the shoulder you cry on that you're happy to have them around (and to butter them up for future use). Get this card here

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