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I'm so sorry I can't make it to your wedding

When I was younger, I always expressed my jealousy of people who said they were going to weddings. They'd retort "oh, just wait to few years."

I now know what they meant. This summer, I'm invited to five weddings. I don't like to miss anything so I'm trying to make them all work. But it gets a bit tricky when you've moved away from home the time everyone decides to get married (also see FOMO card). 

So last month I was faced with RSVPing 'NO' for the first time. I was pretty torn up about it. I've been friends with Cory since we were five and he's marrying a great gal, who I consider a friend as well. I tried really hard to make it work because there's nothing better than celebrating the love of two people I care about followed by a massive party. Alas, I just can't be in two places at once.

Feeling the guilt of missing Cory's wedding, I started crunching the numbers. Since turning 26, the weddings invites I've received have increased two per year. I did a little research and the average age of marriage in 2008 in Canada was 29.6 y/o for women and 31.6 y/o for men. I used that as a bench mark. I have both female and male friends who are mostly around the same age as me. Same with my boyfriend, and more often than not, we go to weddings together.

So if my wedding-invite past is any indication of my future, by the time I hit the 30, there's a chance we could be invited to nine weddings. When I'm 31 (keeping in mind the average was from 10 years ago) it could be up to 11 weddings.

Although these are extremely loose numbers and exclude several factors, I was hit with the harsh reality this is probably not the last wedding where I'll RSVP 'NO'. I mean, is nine weddings in one summer humanly possible? (spoiler alert, it is, I know someone who's done it). 

As you can imagine, checking 'Decline with Regret' with out a long-winded explanation just isn't my style. So I made this card for Cory & Kassia and sent it instead. I really want to be there for their big day and I was able to make that very clear by using the entire surface area inside the card.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the pictures from their day - I have no doubt it will be absolutely beautiful and full of love. 💘

Get this card for a wedding you can't make it to. 

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