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Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!

Before we met, Alex lived and worked in Nicaragua. A lot of the people he knew from there conveniently lived either in London or were dotted across Europe. This meant he was moving to London with a way larger pool of automatic friends than me (not to discount my three - shout out to Julie, Hattie and Jaclyn👋🏼). 

What I didn't realize, while I wallowed in self-pity that mine were very few in far between, if I played my cards right, I could make all his friends my friends, and that's exactly what I did.

The first Friday night after getting to London, we went to a bar in Soho to meet some of the people mentioned above. I was particularly thankful that evening being nice to a friend's girlfriend is a social norm. I was fresh on the emotional rollercoaster of moving and it had so far been a bit of a bumpy ride. But two in the group, Andrew and Ana, bought me a drink and chatted to me, and whether it was their duty or not, I felt better.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, we were surprising Ana in Paris on her birthday. I really took it to mean I had graduated past being just a byproduct of Alex's friendship into real friend territory. I know not everyone who is set-up as friends turns into real friends, so I hit the jackpot with Ana. She is as sweet and thoughtful as they come, hence the card. Having her around has made moving to a new place easier, and even though she didn't really have the choice in the matter, I'm so happy I inherited her from my relationship (and Andrew is pretty cool too I guess).

Happy birthday my sweet friend! Can't wait for all the adventures to come.
All the friends I've been lucky to inherit from Alex. 👇🏼(Photo taken by Vincent Mada) 

Some might say I exceeded my goal because now all the friends I pick-pocketed from Alex like me more. JK but giving them thoughtful cards does give me a competitive advantage. 👼🏼
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