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Four legged & furry babies are the best kind

We had our sweet girl, Molly, for 17 years. She was a cute, little bichon frise who basically ran our family of six. I'm sad to say we had to put her down last month. She had a very long and happy life - 119 dog years to be exact and astonishingly enough, two years off the record holder of her breed. But she was a part of our family and it's never easy to say good bye.

I know you came here thinking this was a story about a cute puppy and I'm talking about my dearly deceased dog. But at a time where we were all in a puddle of our own tears, my sister called me. She is the type of person who hangs up on you and asks what you want via text, so a call from her almost always guarantees big news.

She looked at me nervously through FaceTime. I was about to chalk it up to a baby when she tipped the phone down to the sleeping golden fur ball on her lap - a halo was practically glowing off the top of her head. I screamed so loud, I'm surprised the screen didn't crack.

Having those literal puppy eyes look up at me, I felt some of the sadness lift. 
My sister didn't know Molly would be gone by the time she got her puppy. I like to think of it as rather serendipitous. Perhaps a reincarnati- jk. It's started to help us fill the deep dog void left in our hearts...and honestly, if it was going to be a baby-surprise, four-legged and furry is the best kind 😉.


When I get home in a few months and my girl isn't there to greet me at the door, my heart will break a little bit. But I have to say it's not a bad second to get home and meet my new fur-niece. She's cute as hell. Welcome to the family, Ginny Baby!

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